Sunday, 28 September 2014

Kew Gardens

Okay well I haven't really got any other ideas on what to post so I decided to post about my trip to Kew Gardens earlier this month I think & it's mostly just pictures tbh haha...
It's actually really nice there I went with a few family friends and it was a fantastic day out. There was lots to look at and nice places to sit, it's a nice place to take pictures as well.

My favourite places that I went to were the Crystal Palace and the Barefoot Walk, even though I ended up with a sharp object in my foot after, because I had to walk back round and I didn't bring my shoes. I think the Crystal Palace is amazing and the staircases and rails are soo pretty & the plants are so big!!


  1. Eep, it's super cute, I wish I lived near so I could visit :(

    1. Aww, hopefully you'll get to visit there one day!!
      It's pretty amazing :')


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