Sunday, 24 August 2014


Sorry guys for not posting in a while, Ive been pretty busy. Hopefully when the holidays are over i'll be blogging more regularly.

1. Figs & leaves.
Not too long ago I finished my Lush bar soap sad times guys, sad times.
It was the Figs & leaves one, at first i thought it was a waste of money, since it would have a loud & fruity smell to it, but then began to love it! It doesn't dry out my skin, and it exfoliates with these little round thing (i think they're seed) which is great, and it has like a sweet smell which is lovely. It's also quite creamy, and it does become a bit squishy when wet, but it hardens up after being left to dry. Hopefully i'll get another one soon.

2. Jake Bugg.
When i first heard one of his songs, i didn't really think it was all that, but then i heard Lightning Bolt and I was like, ive heard this before!!(on the British Airways advert i think). My favourite one is Someone told me, i just love it so much and then i really like Messed up kids & simple as this (even though i haven't quite understood what it means) and Taste it. I was up the other night looking for Jake Bugg t-shirts, this is serious love guys.

3. Blog Name.
I've been thinking of changing my blog name, but im not sure on it. What do you guys think??I think my blog name might be a bit long, but then again i really like it and the others names I like have been taken up:'(


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