Friday, 17 January 2014

My First Topshop Nail Polish!

I have seen a lot of good reviews on Topshop nail polishes on other blogs, and I thought I'd try one and put it on my Christmas wish list.
I had originally wanted the Occupational Therapy which I seen on the Topshop site or Rainy Day, but when I went there they didn't  have any of them so I picked  up one like it which was the Parma Violet and went to the till, as we waited my sister spotted the Bashful nail polish and I liked it more than the Parma Violet, so I put the other nail polish back and my mum brought the Bashful one.I saw so many different colours there that I wanted to try.
The things I like about the nail polish is that it is such a lovely colour, that it is so easy to apply, and that it drys quite quickly.I couldn't really get the colour to show in any of the pictures I took, but it is a kind of greyish pale blue.

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