Thursday, 28 November 2013

Introducing Me.

I have done one of these post before when I first started embellished beauty x,but it was really cheesy and I cringed SO MUCH when I re-read it earlier and I just had to take it off.
So I'm doing it all over again,okay?

Hi,Welcome to my blog

My name is  Ariane.
I am 14 years old and living in the UK.
I absolutely love cats.
I've never broken a bone.
I love the smell of blown candles.
I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and reading blogs.
One of my favourite Music Artists has to be Max Schneider.
I am into Fashion and beauty and hopefully I will get to express that in my future posts.
Winter is my favourite season because of all the snow (why else?)
I love woolly jumpers, comfy socks, and anything pretty.

I hope that you enjoy reading a bit about me,if you did and would like to read future posts please follow, it would the world to me!Thank you :)x

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